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  • .NET
  • C#
  • Visual Studio


Weitere Skills

  • JAVA
  • Objective-C


Android (Java)

iOS (Objective-C)




.NET, C#, ASP.NET, Windows Phone,                 14 Jahre    +++
Java, Android, JSP, JDBC                                 19 Jahre    +++
Skriptsprachen: PowerShell, Bash                     12 Jahre    ++
Webentwicklung: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3       9 Jahre      +++
Objective C                                                   5 Jahre      ++
Switft                                                           2 Jahre      +



MS SQL                                                       12 Jahre    +++
Oracle                                                         4 Jahre      ++
PostgreSQL                                                  6 Jahre      ++
MySQL                                                        8 Jahre      +++
SQLite                                                         6 Jahre      +++



Windows (10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP)                    19 Jahre    +++
Windows Server (2012 R2, 2008 R2, 2000, NT) 14 Jahre    +++
Linux/Unix                                                     10 Jahre    +++
macOS                                                            5 Jahre      +++
Android                                                           5 Jahre      +++
iOS                                                                 5 Jahre      ++



Git, Apache Subversion, Team Fundation Srv          9 Jahre   +++
MS Visual Studio, ASP.NET, ReSharper, NUnit         14 Jahre   +++
Android Studio, JUnit                                         4 Jahre     ++
Xamarin Studio, Mono                                        4 Jahre     +++
XCode                                                              4 Jahre     ++
Eclipse                                                             12 Jahre   ++


Git, SVN, CVS                                                   6 Jahre     +++
Apache, IIS                                                      6 Jahre     ++
CAD, AutoCAD, Prochem-C                                 6 Jahre     +
Eclipse                                                             8 Jahre     ++
Visual Studio 6                                                  6 Jahre     ++
Visual Studio .NET 2000/2005/2008/2010            8 Jahre     +++


Berufserfahrung seit

Februar 2002


  • Deutsch
  • Englisch



  • Seit 3/2016 (14 Monate) Theum (Coextant Systems)

    Rolle: Softwareentwickler

    The project consisted of creating Android and iOS Apps to consume the processed information from the documents. During last year, the market changed and the mobile clients were taken out of the roadmap. Since then I am focusing on ETL of MS Office (OpenXML) and PDF (Portable Document) standard compliant files.

    Technologien: C#, C, PowerShell, Xamarin.Android, MS Team Foundation Server, Win32 API, MS Visual Studio 2015, OpenXML standard, Portable Document standard

  • 06/2014 - 01/2016 (19 Monate) GranitePhone, Curitiba - B

    Rolle: Softwareentwickler & Teamleiter

    Development of a Secure Android device based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The project started on the first Proof-of-Concept prototypes and went up to the first devices getting out of the factory to be delivered to clients.

    Technologien: Android SDK, Android NDK, C#, Xamarin.Android, Android Open Source Project, Android Studio, Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio

Sonstige Informationen


Portugiesisch (Muttersprache)

Englisch (verhandlungssicher)

Deutsch (konversationssicher)



3/2016 – heute   Softwareentwickler, Theum AG, Stuttgart-Ostfildern

I was hired to develop Mobile App Clients for the company product and to work on new features on document conversion and parsing (using PDF and OpenXML standards). My responsibilities are: understand and implement a parser for PowerPoint presentations, upgrade and maintain the server services and infrastructure, create and maintain install scripts and understand and implement PDF parser and generator.


Eingesetzte Technologien/ Methodiken: .NET Framework, Xamarin Development, Win32 API


6/2014 – 1/2016 Android Software Engineer, Sikur, Curitiba - Brasilien

I was hired to develop Sikur Android OS platform aiming security and privacy and technically lead the partnerships with hardware makers (OEM & ODM) and third party companies regarding this platform. My responsibilities are: ensure the OS is updated and based on Google's Android Open Source Project (AOSP) latest versions, ensure the OS is compatible with the ODM hardware, develop internal Android features that are necessary to the company platform and technically May the Android development.


Eingesetzte Technologien/ Methodiken: Android SDK & NDK, AOSP, Xamarin Development


5/2013 – 5/2014 Senior Software Developer, Dextra Sistemas, Campo Grande - Brasilien

Leaded C#/.NET development and maintenance on legacy code for some Dextra's clients. The main project involved compliance with new regulatory rules that required code refactoring and migration from .NET 3.0 to 4.5. My responsibilities were: software development, leading coworkers on new technologies, support on practices implementation, support on new customer’s business proposal, technical support on client projects and coworkers mentoring.


Eingesetzte Technologien/ Methodiken: .NET Framework Development & Training


5/2001 – 5/2014 IT Consultant, P4 Tecnologia e Desenvolvimento Humano, Curitiba - Brasilien

Executive and successful professionals coach with 18 years of experience on the Information Technology area. More than 10.000 hours of experience as a software developer and over 1000 professionals trained on the subject. His vast experience with remote work groups on different arrangements allowed him to work with people from 4 continents and over 35 countries. Acknowledged for the quality of his products and training courses.


Eingesetzte Technologien/ Methodiken: .NET Framework Development & Training


5/2013 – 5/2014 Founder & Software Developer, Kix Informática S/A, Curitiba - Brasilien

An entrepreneur that is learning and using Lean Startup methodologies, Agile methodologies, project management and self-taught business administration to build a safety services company that has the most efficient and simple to use family security (parental control) product - Kidux. For such has been studying digital (Internet and mobile) behavior, pornography effects on the human brain and the society, children education, human personality development and related subjects.


Eingesetzte Technologien/ Methodiken: .NET Development, Java, C, Win32 API


Ausbildung / Studium


2009 – 2012               MBA on Project Management an der Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Curitiba - Basilien

1998 - 2003                Associate’s Degree (EQF-5) on Data Processing Technology) an der Escola Superior de Ensino Empresarial e Informática, Curitiba – Brasilien

1992 - 1996                Post-secondary diploma (EQF-4) on Technical Electronics an der Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, Curitiba – Brasilien