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• Industrial project Inspection • Mechanical and Rotating Equipment test • Research and development in standards • Quality control and procedure analysis and follow


  • Fehleranalyse
  • Forschung
  • Projektmanagement


  • Elektronik / Elektrotechnik / Feinmechanik / Messtechnik
  • Automotive / Fahrzeugbau / -zulieferer
  • Ingenieurwesen
  • Maschinen-/ Anlagenbau
  • Telekommunikation / Netzbetreiber
  • Sonstige Branchen
  • Metallurgie/Metallbearbeitung

Weitere Skills

  • Planung


  • Industrial project Inspection
  • Mechanical and Rotating Equipment (Compressor, Turbine, Gearbox, Pump, Motor etc.)
  • Piping, Flange and Fitting, Plate, Head, Tank, Valves, Threated, Welding End, Nozzle etc.
  • Research and development in standards as ISO, ASME, ASTM, API, DIN etc.
  • Handling multiple dynamic priorities
  • Quality control and procedure analysis and follow



Berufserfahrung seit

Juni 2010


  • Deutsch
  • Englisch



Sonstige Informationen

Freelance, Industrial project Inspector

Inspection in verity of industrial projects consist of Gas & Oil, Electronics & Power, Telecommunication, Networking, Automotive, Labor Medicine, Transportation etc.

On job experience, quality and inspection processes as per FAT, QCPs, ITPs an POs:


  • Chemical analysis
  • Mechanical properties (tensile, hardness, resistance etc.)
  • Visual Testing (VT)
  • Magnetic Particle (MT)
  • Liquid Penetrant (PT)
  • Ultrasonic(UT), Balancing
  • Hydrostatic test
  • Cryogenic test
  • Bump test
  • Baroscopic test
  • Welding (WPQR, WPS) verification
  • Functional, performance and mechanical tests
  • Cable mapping and control on junction boxes
  • Lashing (stripping, post) test
  • Ambient test
  • Dimension check
  • Tagging and marking
  • P&ID check
  • pre-shipment and final inspection
  • Painting layer thickness control
  • Holyday test
  • preservation check
  • Review of the Manufacturing Data Book(MDB)
  • Packing and quantity check



  • Coordinating with inspection company
  • Control the inspection notification according to QCP, ITPs and test procedure to witness, hold and review
  • Coordinating with suppliers for planned scope of the work
  • Control calibration certification for tests measuring equipment
  • Perform the inspection according to the planned notification
  • Analysis and review documents and result according to ITPs and standards
  • Inspection reporting according to scope of the performed tasks


Software ability

  • Microsoft Office (professional)


  • German driving License class B
  • Enthusiastic and committed
  • Healthy - and Fit body state (endurance)
  • Eager to learning and growth
  • Very good in Presentation & Communication skill